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The Independent Specialist Care Awards 2015

Wednesday 11 March

The Lancaster Hotel, London W2

The Independent Specialist Care Awards celebrates outstanding innovators and performers in the UK Specialist Care sector.

Last year’s winners were announced at a gala dinner on 12 March, hosted by presenter and former politician Michael Portillo. At this glittering event sixteen finalists were given prestigious awards in a broad range of specialisms including special education, autistic spectrum services, investment and entrepreneurism.

In a sector that too often hits the headlines for the wrong reasons, the Independent Specialist Care Awards gives a welcome opportunity to shine a light on the good work and innovative thinking that has driven the independent sector to its position today; the dominant provider of UK specialist care.

With over 25 years in the sector, LaingBuisson is well positioned to celebrate excellence in independent and third-sector healthcare, and continues to take great pleasure in having the opportunity to do so. The Independent Specialist Care Awards sits alongside its sister awards programme; the Independent Healthcare Awards, and together they form the most highly regarded accolades available in the UK health and care sectors.


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